What To Wear To A Funeral Service in Perth

When attending a funeral service in Perth, you want to dress in a way that pays respect to the loved one and their family but still allow you to be comfortable.

What To Wear To A Funeral Service in Perth

If you don’t wear formal attire often then you may not want to spend a lot of money on clothes that you may only wear once or twice.

By following our funeral clothes guide, you are more likely to be suitably dressed for the service.

General Tips

  • As funerals are by nature a sombre event, stick to conservative styles and colours to be safe. Keep in mind, though, unless the dress code says otherwise, you may be able to deviate a bit from all black (i.e. dark blue or grey)
  • Avoid casual wear like shorts, thongs and coloured bright clothes
  • If unsure, it’s better to be overdressed, especially if you don’t know the family very well
  • It’s ok to ask the family about the dress code

What should men wear to a funeral service

For most men, acceptable attire is a dark suit, buttoned up long sleeve shirt, belt and dress shoes or loafers (that match the belt colour). Shirts should be tucked in.

You should avoid trainers and blue jeans (black jeans with a tucked in shirt can be acceptable).

Shorts and thongs are not suitable.

What should women wear to a funeral service

For women, choose a dark coloured dress or suit. If you wish to wear a skirt or blouse, make sure the length reaches at least to your knees. Also, try to cover your shoulders and pass on any clothes that may be considered too revealing.

Teens and Children

In most cases, teens and children should follow what the adults wear unless the family specifiy otherwise.

For any advise you may require, please contact us.