Ways To Remember a Loved One After The Funeral

We all deal with the loss of a loved one in different ways. Remembering your loved one after the funeral will help you to work through your grief and help you stay connected to them.

There are many ways people choose to reflect on the life of their loved ones that have passed.

Remember a Loved One


Headstones are known for marking where your loved one is buried, to give you a place to visit and remember them. Headstones are available in a variety of different materials, sizes and designs that can be customised to reflect your loved one’s personality. They are often carved with a memorial message to celebrate who they were.


After the cremation, many people choose to keep a small part of their loved one’s ashes in a piece of jewellery. This can be a locket on a necklace, earrings or bracelet charm. Because ashes are carbon based you can also use them to create a unique gemstone, allowing you to carry your loved one wherever you go.

Teddy Bears & Memory Cushions

Knowing what to do with the clothes your loved one has left behind can be difficult. If your loved one had a favourite shirt or jumper, these can be made into teddy bears and memory cushions, giving you a special reminder of your loved one that will always keep them close to you.

Memorial Bench

A memorial bench usually has a plaque or a carving with the name of your loved one, sometimes with a memorial message much like a headstone. Placing the bench in a peaceful place in your family home or garden is a good way to sit and reflect on the person they were and the memories you shared.

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