Things To Consider When Choosing a Coffin

1) Give Consideration to Your Budget

When choosing a coffin, it’s important to understand that coffin prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the materials it is made from. Here at Remembrance Funerals we have various packages with coffins included in the price. However, you can upgrade at an additional cost if you wish to do so.

2) Think of Your Loved One

What would your loved one want to be buried in? Consider that when looking for coffins, especially if they left you specific instructions with their wishes. If they did not leave any preference, try to think about who that person was and what they liked and disliked aesthetically.

3) Bring a Second Opinion

Have a friend or family member with you when picking a coffin. They will be your voice of reason and help you stay on track during a time of grief.

4) The Coffin

This is the main component behind the differences in pricing. For example, a simple pine box will cost far less than a detailed bronze casket with velvet lining. Wood and metal are the most common coffin materials, with fibreglass and plastic caskets now becoming more widely available as affordable alternatives.

There are even various choices regarding the coffins lid. Half couch, which refers to a two-piece lid that’s split down the middle for viewing purposes, and full couch, where the lid is one solid piece. Hidden compartments are also available in the lid of some coffins, so that you can bury personal items to accompany your loved one.

5) Size

A standard coffin is around seven feet long, two feet wide and two feet tall. Be sure to ask for specific measurements if the deceased is larger than average.

At Remembrance Funerals, we provide you with a simple and comprehensive choice of funeral service package.

For any advice you may need when choosing a coffin, please contact us.