Pre Planning a Funeral

With Remembrance Funerals you can preplan and prepay for a funeral in advance. This provides your family with piece of mind as well as a financial saving.

Pre Paying is a good option because;

  • Pay today’s current price – You will beat inflation with the fixed price of a prepaid funeral
  • No ongoing payments – One the funeral is paid in full there are no other costs unless you or your family wish to add more items later, unlike funeral insurance premiums which are ongoing and may rise
  • No worry for your family and friends – When the time comes they know it’s all planned and paid for
  • Your service the way you want it – We will tailor everything to your requirements and budget
  • Simple and quick process – We walk you through the process

A prepaid funeral is a sensible alternative and more cost effective than funeral bonds and funeral insurance.

With a prepaid funeral from Remembrance Funerals you can relax, knowing your money is held with an independently managed funeral fund and is only released to the Funeral Director once the contracted funeral service is completed.

Once a Prepaid funeral has been arranged then the information is forwarded onto a family member and when the time comes all they have to do is make a call to Remembrance Funerals 1300 799 093, we will take care of the rest for you.

Please contact us for assistance.

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