Is A Coffin Required For A Cremation in Perth?

When having a loved one cremated, you may be wondering if a coffin is necessary or not. Although a coffin is not a mandatory requirement, there are certain requirements that must be met. The deceased needs to be cremated in a covered container that is leak proof, combustible and free of metals. It does not necessarily have to be a coffin but it must still have these characteristics.

While a coffin has been the norm for many years, there is now the option of a simple and eco-friendly cardboard box that is biodegradable and economical too. By using this option, many families can then utilize the money they have saved for purchasing other options such as a decorative urn for the remains of their loved one.

Usually, having a coffin or not will depend on the kind of service you choose to have.

A Traditional Funeral Prior To Cremation

For a traditional funeral prior to cremation, you can choose from a range of combustible coffins to hold the remains of your loved one for the viewing. Combustible coffins are made from materials like hardwood, wicker, teak and bamboo, with no metals on them.

A Direct Cremation Followed By A Memorial Service

When a funeral service follows after the actual cremation, the memorial service usually takes place later. The remains of your loved one are placed in an urn and displayed alongside a photo of the of them with a display of flowers. In the case of direct cremation, you do not need a coffin as there is no service that requires a viewing or display of the body.

The choice of coffin or container for cremation is a matter of preference and your personal budget.

At Remembrance Funerals we follow the cremation requirements of the country and the state to ensure that the service is carried out in a respectable and sanitary manner. Our range of options can help fulfil your requirements without creating a financial burden.

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