Funeral Celebrants

Pauline McKennay

Pauline has been a celebrant for 14 years and for the last 3 years she has worked closely with the team at Remembrance Funerals, sharing their vision to provide a warm and compassionate funeral experience. As a mother and grandmother, Pauline has a wealth of life experience and, with her calm and caring nature, she will gently guide you through the process of creating a fitting farewell for your loved one. Pauline is very respectful of differing religious and cultural beliefs and she will work with you to ensure that your wishes and those of your loved one are honoured during the funeral service.

Phil Mcevoy

With warmth and empathy I will work with families to create a personal ceremony that honours the memory of their loved one. I’m also a celebrant for military funerals.

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A funeral celebrant is a qualified person who officiates funeral services by planning and overseeing funeral proceedings. 
Funeral celebrants conduct non-religious, semi-religious and spiritual funeral services.
Many celebrants aim for the funeral service to be a ‘celebration of life’ that honours the person’s memory.