Facts About Cremations in Perth

Many people don’t understand the cremation process. Usually people find themselves scrambling for information at the very worst of times, when their loved one has just passed.

Therefore we have decided to provide some facts about cremations in Perth to make it easier for people to understand.

Crematorium Heat

Many people believe that the flames are what causes the body to burn to ash. However, it’s actually the intense heat that cremates the body. The temperature reaches up to 2,000 degrees and it’s this energy that turns the body into a coarse powder.

Not Everything Will Burn

While the body is fully cremated, any objects that maybe on their person like gold fillings, surgical screws or metal plates will not burn.

Ashes Are Not Technically Ashes

Almost everyone refers to cremated remains as ‘ashes’. However, these aren’t technically ashes as such. They are actually bone fragments that have been broken down by the heat to resemble a coarse powder. The quantity of ‘ashes’ that remain following the cremation will depend on the person’s height. Therefore, taller people will have a larger amount of ashes than shorter people.

A Viewing Is Possible

Many people believe that you need to choose between having a burial with a viewing or a cremation. However, you actually have the option to have a viewing with both a burial and a cremation. Whether that means having the funeral service prior to the cremation process or having the funeral centered around the deceased’s remains in a decorative urn, there are many options available to you.

At Remembrance Funerals, we ensure that all cremations are carried out in a respectable and understanding manner. Our range of options can help fulfil your requirements without creating a financial burden.

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