Anglican Funeral Services Perth

The Anglican funeral service contains a range of elements from the moment the coffin is received at the church to the farewell from the church.
These include:
  • The welcome and gathering
  • One or more eulogies
  • Music / Hymn
  • The psalm
  • The Bible reading(s)
  • Music / Hymn
  • The prayers
  • The farewell
  • Music / Hymn
  • The committal
  • The blessing

Anglican funeral services in Perth can be personalised through the choice of readings, the particular music and hymns chosen, and through the eulogy. Many families also like to have a video display or photos included in the proceedings and a printed booklet available which will usually include a photograph of the loved one. Some people choose to use a personalised coffine to truly reflect the personality of their loved one.

Please don’t hesitate to call Susie or one of our friendly staff members to help assist you day or night.